DPW Launches New Digital Ads On the Heels of the Firestorm Surrounding Senator Johnson’s $10 Million Payout 

Sep 14, 2016

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin is out with a new digital ad targeting Senator Johnson’s shady $10 million corporate payout. The ad calls on Senator Johnson to finally come clean about the arrangement. 

Senator Johnson has been vague about the sketchy arrangement, but what we do know has raised serious legal and ethical questions. In 2010, Senator Johnson loaned himself $9 million for his campaign. Then, after his victory, he had his company give him a $10 million golden parachute. In a bombshell report yesterday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel detailed how Pacur only determined the payment after his victory. The result is that Johnson’s payment likely violated federal laws that bar corporations from financing campaigns. 

It’s part of a pattern for Senator Johnson, who has spent nearly six years in Washington protecting a rigged system that protected multi-millionaires like him. Sen. Johnson doesn’t think the rules apply to him. So this week the DPW filed a Senate Ethics complaint to finally get the truth for Wisconsinites.