DPW Launches New Radio Ad Calling Out Sen. Johnson’s Record of Failure for Small Town and Rural Wisconsinites

Jun 23, 2016

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin today released a new radio ad attacking calling out Senator Johnson on his failed record when it comes to listening to and serving rural Wisconsinites. In his nearly six years in Washington, Johnson has opposed the bipartisan Farm Bill, measures designed to improve internet speeds in rural communities, and a bill that made it easier for veterans in rural communities to access health care. Johnson has sided with corporate interests who backed his campaign rather than the Wisconsinites in small towns and rural communities who hired him.


The ad will run exclusively on rural radio stations across Wisconsin

“Senator Johnson sold out Wisconsin’s rural communities when he went off to Washington.  His record on rural issues reeks of failure, which must be why he’s running away from it. But the people of this state have caught on to his Washington game of saying one thing and doing another. They’re tired of the Senator siding with corporate interests and multi-millionaires like himself instead of looking out for Wisconsinites in all of our communities,” said Harry Hartfield, spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.


Farms and Small Towns

“Wisconsin is full of farms and small towns — places to raise a family with peace and quiet and open space.  

But living in the country doesn’t mean we should have fewer opportunities. 

Unfortunately, that’s what Wisconsin gets with Senator Ron Johnson. 

He voted against the Farm Bill. Putting big corporations ahead of dairy farmers. 

And, he opposes faster broadband internet in small towns. Maybe because he got nearly ninety thousand dollars in campaign contributions from the telecom special interests. 

When locals told him about toxic water in their communities, he said there’s nothing he should do and called common sense safety measures “ludicrous.” 

Johnson even voted against health care access for rural veterans. 

Truth is, Senator Johnson’s a multi-millionaire CEO turned Senator. 

He’s fighting for billionaires and corporate special interests… but not for us.

Paid for by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.”