DPW response on SCOTUS Gill v. Whitford decision

Jun 18, 2018

MADISON — The following is a statement from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s chair Martha Laning on the Supreme Court of the United State’s Gill v. Whitford decision that dismissed the Wisconsin gerrymandering case due to a lack of standing:

“In 2011, Republicans in Wisconsin set out to draw maps that diluted the power of Democratic voters to ensure indefinite Republican control. The result has been an unfair electoral system that flies in the face of the foundational values of our representative democracy.

“Regardless of today’s ruling, Democrats in Wisconsin will continue to compete everywhere possible in 2018. We will continue to mobilize, and we will continue to build the infrastructure necessary for more victories for the people of Wisconsin.

“The fight for fair maps did not end today. We will continue to advocate on behalf of Wisconsinites whose voices are not heard under this inequitable system.”

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