DPW response to Walker's health care ad

Jun 05, 2018

Walker’s partisanship played with people’s lives


  • Walker’s refusal to expand Medicaid in order to burnish his far-right credentials ahead of a presidential campaign has cost Wisconsin taxpayers $1 billion over 5 years to provide health care for 9,000 fewer Wisconsinites, as well as costing the state 10,000 health care jobs. 
  • Walker’s own Insurance Commissioner’s Office agrees that spikes in premiums are a direct result of repeated Republican sabotage of the Affordable Care Act. 
  • Walker enthusiastically backed the GOP’s Affordable Care Act sabotage, including Trump’s tax law which will cause millions to lose healthcare while forcing premiums to rise. 

STATEMENT FROM DPW COMMS DIRECTOR MELANIE CONKLIN: “If Scott Walker had focused on the needs of our state instead of his own personal political ambitions, tens of thousands more Wisconsinites would have health care and taxpayers would have an extra $1 billion. For Walker to pretend to be anything other than the anti-health care governor, given all he’s done to undermine it, is simply ridiculous.”