DPW Statement on New BLS Unemployment Numbers

Jul 17, 2020

July 17, 2020
Contact: Philip Shulman (phils@wisdems.org)

DPW Statement on New BLS Unemployment Numbers

(WISCONSIN) — Today, in response to the new Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment numbers in Wisconsin, Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Philip Shulman released the following statement:

“We’re reminded again that if Trump had taken the COVID-19 pandemic seriously from the get-go, we wouldn’t see this many Wisconsinites suffering and wondering how they’re going to put food on their table, pay their rent, or afford their health care. With the recent spike in cases across Wisconsin, people are rightfully going to be hesitant to return to work, go to stores and restaurants, and our economy is further going to suffer. Trump continues to downplay the virus, refuses to implement a national testing and tracing program, and is further threatening the wellbeing of Wisconsinites and Americans everywhere.”