FACT CHECK: Kevin Nicholson's Problem With The Truth

Apr 26, 2018

Thursday, April 26, 2018

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FACT CHECK: Kevin Nicholson’s Problem With The Truth

Nicholson is bought-and-paid for by $17.4 million in campaign cash from Illinois billionaire Dick Uihlein, and he’s consistently proven that Wisconsinites can’t take him at his word.

MADISON — “We know a lot more about Kevin Nicholson’s track record as a Democrat than we do about his track record as a Republican.” Leah Vukmir just went there, slamming Kevin Nicholson for his glaring problem with telling the truth.

Nicholson’s lies have been stacking up for months:

  • It was UNTRUE when Nicholson claimed he left the 2000 Democratic National Convention convinced he was not a Democrat, because two years laterNicholson worked to elect Democrats in Minnesota — and five years after that, he registered to vote as a Democrat in North Carolina.
  • It was UNTRUE when Nicholson said his military service led him to leave the Democratic Party, because it’s a matter of public record that he voted in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary in North Carolina.
  • And the time Nicholson claimed to have voted “no preference” in 2008’s Democratic presidential primary? There’s NO EVIDENCE of that, either. Records prove otherwise, and non-partisan fact checking group PolitiFact has even called out Nicholson’s dishonesty.
  • Even as late as 2010, Nicholson DECLINED TO REGISTER TO VOTE AS A REPUBLICAN, Wisconsin State Journal has reported.

Despite his own lengthy record of dishonesty, Kevin Nicholson still had the nerve to call First Lady Tonette Walker a liar last month, saying there was no truth to her claim that he refused to shake hands with her son Alex, just because he works for Leah Vukmir.

Kevin Nicholson is bought-and-paid for by $17.4 million in campaign cash from Illinois billionaire Dick Uihlein, and he’s consistently proven that Wisconsinites can’t take him at his word.