Five Questions for Senator Johnson on His Continued Support for Donald Trump

Jun 07, 2016

Senator Johnson continues to back the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump, even after Trump’s racist comments on Judge Curiel. The Senator has previously said he would pull his support from any candidate who said something that “crosses a line.” Since clearly racism doesn’t cross the line for Ron Johnson, here are five questions for the Senator about his continued support of Trump.

  1. Have you considered retracting your endorsement of Trump, as Lindsey Graham recommended?

  2. Do you regret saying you looked forward to campaigning withTrump like the “Ronald and the Donald?”

  3. You’ve said you have a lot in common with Trump because you both are wealthy businessmen. Given that shared background, do you accept the business practices of Trump University?

  4. Do you believe that Donald Trump has the temperament to be commander in chief? Do you believe he will keep us safe?

  5. You’ve said you would revoke your endorsement of Donald Trump if he “crosses a line.” Why don’t these racist comments cross the line? At this point what would cross the line for you?