For the Gouda of the State: President Biden and Gov. Evers Deliver for Dairy Farmers 

Oct 15, 2021


October 15, 2021

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For the Gouda of the State: President Biden and Gov. Evers Deliver for Dairy Farmers 

Wisconsin Democrats celebrate National Cheese Curd Day and the dairy industry it represents. 

MADISON, Wis. — It might be cheesy to say this but, in Wisconsin, we love our curds. Today, in celebration of National Cheese Curd Day, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler released the following statement in recognition of the legendairy dairy farmers who are the backbone of Wisconsin’s economy:

“President Biden’s Build Back Cheddar agenda works to lower costs for families and ensure that all children from urban to rural neighborhoods are given the access and opportunities to thrive. Yet, while Democrats have remained committed to supporting Wisconsin’s rural communities, Republicans continue to play partisan politics in an attempt to shred President Biden’s agenda. It’s udderly ridiculous.

“We’re not trying to milk the situation, but the numbers speak for themselves: President Biden and Governor Evers have made gouda on their promise to ensure that federal funds are brie-ing put to good use and deliver for Wisconsin’s dairy farmers. Gov. Evers allocated $58 million in direct federal aid to Wisconsin’s agriculture producers, and he recently introduced a legislative package to invest even more in farmers and Wisconsin’s agricultural economy. Meanwhile, Wisconsin Republicans stood in sharp opposition to the critical pandemic relief — while also opposing key investments in the state’s infrastructure.

“For years, Wisconsin dairy farmers suffered from Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s neglect and broken promises. Now, farmers across the country are grate-ful to have a partner like President Biden in the White House, who continues to advocate for policies and infrastructure investments that will revitalize Wisconsin’s dairy industry. Simply put: If we continue to elect Republicans, Wisconsinites and dairy farmers will have a cow. We havarti done so much, but to continue on the whey forward, ricotta win in 2022. The feta of the state, and the nation, is at stake.”