Gallagher & While Ribble Continues to Refuse to Back Trump Lasee Support the Nominee

May 16, 2016

Over the weekend, Congressman Reid Ribble doubled down on his refusal to support Donald Trump as the nominee of the Republican Party. According to WisPolitics, Ribble said “I’ve been clear that I can’t vote for him,” and he even went as far as saying he would support the Libertarian or Constitution party candidate in November.

While Congressman Ribble stands firm in his opposition to Trump, 8th District Republicans Mike Gallagher and Frank Lasee have stated that they will back Trump if he wins the nomination.  In separate appearances on WFRV TV, Gallager and Lasee pledged their support of Trump as the Republican nominee.

“Mike Gallagher and Frank Lasee need to explain to voters in Northeast Wisconsin why they are supporting Trump while their own Congressman has refused. By supporting Trump it is clear that Gallagher and Lasee support someone with a history of racist and misogynistic rhetoric, someone with no foreign policy experience, someone who even suggested that women who get abortions should be put in jail,” said Martha Laning, chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party. “Trump’s policies would be a disaster for Wisconsin women and families, and Gallagher and Lasee should know better.”


Ribble still won’t vote Trump, will look for another option this fall

“Many elected Republicans in Wisconsin are either starting to get behind Donald Trump for president or trying to get there by this fall’s election.

Not Reid Ribble.

The outgoing congressman declared in December he wouldn’t vote for Trump if the businessman became the GOP nominee and he’s sticking to that pledge with the businessman on the verge of clinching the nomination.

Ribble, R-Sherwood, said he will look at the Libertarian and Constitution party nominees instead, adding he won’t back Hillary Clinton if she secures the Dem nomination.

“I’ve been clear that I can’t vote for him, and I can’t vote for her,” Ribble said in a brief interview.” [WisPolitics, 5/14/2016]