Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans Leave 1 Million Student Borrowers Out In The Cold 

Mar 28, 2016

MADISON – Today, Governor Scott Walker signed another round of toothless bills that will do nothing to help the one million Wisconsinites being burdened by $19 billion in college loans. Walker and the Republican legislators added to their abysmal higher education record by passing more window dressing policies in an election year, while doing nothing to address the growing student loan debt crisis in Wisconsin.  
Over the last six years, Scott Walker and his Republican allies in the legislature have taken step after step to gut the the University of Wisconsin system – once the gold standard for public universities in the United States. Just last year, Republicans passed a budget cutting $250 million in funding from the public college and university system, stripping valuable resources for students and faculty members. Since Walker came to office he and the Republicans have cut nearly $800 million in funding for higher education.
“Gov. Scott Walker is trying the same old tricks to try and hide the damage he has done to the UW-System by pushing policies that make a great election year sound bite, but do nothing for Wisconsinites or our higher public education system,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Brandon Weathersby said on Wednesday. “Instead of helping students who are working hard to earn a degree and gain the skills necessary for today’s job market, Walker and the Republicans have one again left them out in the cold.

In response to the growing student loan crisis, Wisconsin Democratic legislators like Rep. Cory Mason (D-Racie) and Sen. Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) have proposed comprehensive legislation that would allow students to refinance their loans just like they could with a car or a home, giving them the much needed relief they need.