Governor Walker Corrupting Non-Partisan Supreme Court Race

Oct 09, 2015

Governor Walker Corrupting Non-Partisan Supreme Court Race
Appoints Generous Campaign Donor to Supreme Court
“Wisconsin residents deserve a fair and impartial Supreme Court and Governor Walker’s appointment of a campaign contributor who has already declared she is running for the open seat next year has destroyed any possibility of a fair election.

He is giving a campaign contributor an unfair advantage in the race next year so Wisconsin residents will have no chance at having an open and fair election for the Supreme Court Justice seat. Rebecca Bradley has given generously to Governor Walker and today it is paying off for her with her appointment to the Supreme Court.

The people of Wisconsin should decide next year if she is the one they want sitting on the Supreme Court. By picking a campaign contributor who is currently running for the seat, Governor Walker is telling people that their voices on who should sit on the Supreme Court don’t count. Today we see that Governor Walker believes only his voice counts in Wisconsin.”