Happening Now: Johnson Leaves Work in the Senate Early For a Fundraiser on Wall Street

May 12, 2016

While Russ is on the road visiting all 72 counties in Wisconsin, Ron Johnson is right now busy raising money from Wall Street financiers. With the Senate in session, Johnson is ducking out of Washington early today to attend a fundraiser at Eddie Sugar’s office in New York City. The event is open to the lucky few who can afford to drop $1,500 to meet Ron Johnson in person.

Sugar is the founder and principle of EAS Advisors, a multibillion dollar firm that focuses on natural resources. His support for Johnson should come as no surprise, given that Johnson has been a tireless advocate for big oil and Wall Street bankers. He has supported subsidies for oil companies – while railing against government help for the middle class – and voted for budgets that would have rolled back Wall Street reform.

“Ron Johnson should spend less time fundraising off Wall Street financiers in New York City, and more time doing his job. He could start by considering the President’s SCOTUS nominee, since he doesn’t appear to be too busy in Washington,” said Harry Hartfield, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.