ICYMI: CapTimes Editorial: Ron Johnson should reject false attack on Russ Feingold

Jan 27, 2016

ICYMI: CapTimes Editorial: Ron Johnson should reject false attack on Russ Feingold

In an editorial in today’s
 Capital Times, the paper delivers some cold hard facts to Ron Johnson and his political attacks dogs. The editorial board writes that Senator Ron Johnson has an “obligation” to call out false and misleading partisan attacks coming from his right-wing front group. Senator Johnson’s allies continue to lie and bully those who try to stand up to what the paper describes as “false”, “untrue”, and “unfair”  attacks.  

Johnson’s right-wing attack dogs continue their efforts to cover up for the senator’s documented failures for Tomah Veterans. Even after their partisan attacks were debunked by media reports, Johnson’s allies continue to parrot false talking points, and the senator has yet to denounce the attacks.  

In today’s editorial, the paper opines, “in the case of a recent attack that touches on particularly sensitive and concerning issues, and that clearly paints an untrue picture of Feingold, Johnson can and should make it clear he recognizes and rejects false statements regarding troubles at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Tomah.” 

The editorial board’s stinging criticism continues, “the Republican incumbent should step up and say the attack on his rival — by a group that the Wisconsin State Journal notes is headed by former GOP staffers — is wrong and unfair.”

The paper concludes by pointing out Johnson has “a particular responsibility to made it clear that there was no failure to take action on the part of Russ Feingold — and that any suggestion that such a failure occurred is, as Lin Ellinghuysen explained, ‘not truthful.'”

Read the entire editorial on the Capital Times website.