ICYMI: Confirmed: Kevin Nicholson is a Political Opportunist

Jul 12, 2017

Yesterday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published a revealing article showing Kevin Nicholson’s true motives. The article described disastrous comments posted on multiple social media platforms by a former roommate of U.S. Senate contender Kevin Nicholson. Nicholson’s roommate not only contends that during college Nicholson was “obsessed with becoming president, even getting a license plate that read ARFS1, short for Air Force One. Nicholson, he said, was also concerned about getting photographed drinking beer or kissing his girlfriend in public for fear it might be used against him one day.”

The most concerning comments from the former roommate described how Nicholson treated others, saying he, “bullied or berated others, especially women.”

Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Brandon Weathersby commented, “Even before he announces his campaign, it’s clear the people of Wisconsin don’t need another political opportunist like Kevin Nicholson who is only out for himself in Washington. With each new story about his changing stories and positions, it’s clear Kevin Nicholson’s only moral code is his political aspirations.”