ICYMI: Democrat Mary Hoeft Challenges Rep. Sean Duffy On Trump Support

Aug 11, 2016

Rep. Sean Duffy, an original #NeverTrump stalwart has since turned into a Donald Trump apologist ever since his Chief of Staff, Vince Trovato, took over the statewide operations for Trump campaign in Wisconsin just under two months ago. In that time, Duffy has defended Trump’s most offensive and dangerous comments without batting an eye.

Just last week, in an interview with CNN, Duffy described Trump’s feud with the Khan Gold Star family “just words,” and this week while speaking to Theo Keith at FOX 6 Milwaukee, Sean Duffy blamed the media for taking Donald Trump’s dangerous second amendment comments “out of context” while urging the party’s nominee to “stick to the script.” 

Democratic candidate Mary Hoeft who challenging Rep. Sean Duffy in the 7th Congressional District knows just how dangerous Donald Trump is for our country and is taking Duffy to task for being a Trump apologist. 

Democrat Mary Hoeft Challenges Rep. Sean Duffy On Trump Support
Glen Moberg

Democrat Mary Hoeft will face incumbent Congressman Sean Duffy in northern Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District race come November, and she plans to make an issue out of Duffy’s support for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. 

“When he’s talking about Trump, he has an excuse for the things Trump is saying, and Trump is saying dangerous things,” Hoeft said of Duffy. “So yes, I will make a point throughout this next three months, unless Sean Duffy separates himself from him, which I don’t think he’s going to do.” 

Hoeft, a University of Wisconsin-Barron County communications arts professor, defeated Marathon County Board Supervisor Joel Lewis in Tuesday’s Democratic primary. 

Duffy defeated real estate broker Don Raihala in Tuesday’s 7th District Republican primary and has held the position since 2011.

Hoeft said Duffy should renounce his support for Trump following Trump’s controversial comments about the Second Amendment and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“When he dares to suggest that people who follow the Second Amendment can do something about Hillary Clinton, you tell me that that’s not a veiled threat,” Hoeft said. “And Sean Duffy needs to separate himself from this man.”

Trump said he was referring to the organizing power of gun rights advocates. 

Hoeft has also challenged Duffy to a series of debates.

Calls to Duffy’s campaign office were not returned by deadline. 

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