ICYMI: Biden, Democrats Deliver Electric Vehicle Investments to Wisconsin

Feb 15, 2022


February 15, 2022

Contact: Julia Hamelburg (julia.hamelburg@wisdems.org)

ICYMI: Biden, Democrats Deliver Electric Vehicle Investments to Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. – President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law makes the largest investment in electric vehicles in American history and will fund a convenient and reliable public charging network for electric vehicles in Wisconsin and across the country. 

From television to radio, Wisconsinites are hearing all about how Democrats are working to secure a cleaner, greener future for the state. In the next five years, Wisconsin will receive $79 million in federal funding to build out a charging network across the state. 

Wisconsinites watching Fox 47 in Madison heard from the Biden-Harris administration about how this will fund a statewide charging network:


And last week, state Senator Kelda Roys (D-Madison) spoke with WORT radio about how EV infrastructure will benefit Madison. Listen to the full interview here, or read key excerpts below:

WORT FM: Senator Kelda Roys On Electric Vehicle Infrastructure In Wisconsin

  • “This is a bill that was just passed into law in recent months by Democrats in Congress and signed into law by President Biden. It makes the largest investment in American history in electric vehicles and the electric transportation infrastructure and covers topics from replacing lead pipes – so we prevent lead poisoning in kids – to other kinds of transportation, and making electric vehicles more affordable for working families. This is a huge sweeping piece of legislation that is going to really reinvest in American infrastructure and American workers and make things more reliable and affordable and clean for Americans.
  • “Governor Evers has committed to make Wisconsin carbon neutral by 2050. And he’s already partnered with other Midwestern governors to create a new network for regional charging of electric vehicles. This is not only good for transportation and good for our climate, but it’s going to create good-paying jobs for Wisconsinites and it’s going to help solidify and restore Wisconsin’s role as a leader in the climate movement.
  • “We know that lower-income communities and communities of color experience much more negative environmental impacts from fossil fuel vehicles, higher rates of asthma, and other environmental ills that cause human health problems… And so making sure that all communities have access to electric vehicles and cleaner infrastructure is critically important — not only to meeting our climate goals and addressing the climate crisis but also to make sure that we have a more equitable future and help human health.
  • “…We have this is a really once in multi-generation opportunity to help modernize our state and our nation, and it’s very exciting – and it’s thanks to President Biden and the Democrats in Congress.”

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