ICYMI: GOP Yacht Sale Bidders Silent On Trumpcare 

Jun 27, 2017

Senate Republicans have finally revealed their secret Trumpcare bill to the public and the Congressional Budget Office confirmed yesterday just how much of a disaster the bill would be. Even as 22 million Americans are in danger of losing their health care insurance over the next decade under Trumpcare, potential Republican Senate candidates have remained silent on the issue. 

Republican Senate candidates have spent their time sniping and attacking each other recently with nasty lobs launched at Nicole Schneider by D.C. Leah, “anonymously” between Kevin Nicholson and Nicole Schneider and even by D.C. Leah on conservative talk radioHowever, after three versions of the disastrous Trumpcare bill, the potential candidates have largely remained silent on whether they support the bill.

Hedge fund manager Eric Hovde previously stated he would have “voted for the bill the first time around,” but was particularly cagey when approached by reporters, saying, “I don’t have enough particulars to comment, I just got back from a trip from California and I don’t know anything about it.”
Last week, D.C. Leah launched on a tweetstorm after releasing a statement in support of the “innovative solutions” that existed before the Affordable Care Act. Before the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans were forced to go with insufficient or no health care coverage, putting families and neighbors at constant risk of medical bankruptcy. 
Rep. Dale Kooyenga told members of the press outright that he would back Trumpcare.
Political opportunists Kevin Nicholson and Nicole Schneider continue to duck questions and still haven’t given a position on the issue. 

“Republican Senate candidates can’t continue to hide on this important issue. The people of Wisconsin deserve to know where they stand on this devastating piece of legislation,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesman Brandon Weathersby. “It’s simple, either you support snatching affordable health care away from hundreds of thousands of hard-working Wisconsinites – and millions of Americans – or you don’t. The people of our state deserve to know which side these candidates are on.”