ICYMI: Political Opportunist Kevin Nicholson Polls On Whether to Lie to the Voters of Wisconsin

Jun 15, 2017

Today, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article recounting a poll in Wisconsin that was clearly testing whether Kevin Nicholson should tell the truth about his vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in 2008 or continue to lie.

The poll first describes a candidate that, “was the president of the College Democrat National Committee and spoke at the 2000 Democrat Convention on behalf of Al Gore and voted for a Democrat for president in 2008.”

But then shortly after, the recorded poll said, “By 2008, he had evolved into a conservative Republican where he voted ‘no preference’ in the Democrat primary for president.”

While Kevin Nicholson has claimed that he voted “no preference” in the 2008 Democratic primary in North Carolina, records show otherwise. According to news reports, in Nicholson’s voting precinct, no one voted ‘no preference’ while voting in-person on primary day, and Nicholson’s voting record shows he voted in person. 

While a spokesperson for Nicholson refused to confirm the poll was for Nicholson’s potential campaign, he didn’t deny it either.

“Over a year and a half before the election and Kevin Nicholson is already testing which of his lies to sell to honest, hardworking Wisconsin families. Kevin Nicholson is nothing more than a political opportunist who will say what polls say to get elected, not the truth,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin communications director Brandon Weathersby.