August 13, 2019
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ICYMI: Wisconsin Democrats, Small Business Owner, Take Trump to Task Over Tax-Scam bill and Chaotic Trade War With China

(MADISON, WI) -- Yesterday, Democratic Party of Wisconsin State Party Chair Ben Wikler, State Senator Janis Ringhand, and cheesemaker small business owner Anna Landmark slammed President Trump on the year anniversary of him calling for a boycott of Wisconsin based Harley-Davidson. They highlighted that after promising to bring back jobs and improve wages, Trump passed his tax-scam bill that incentivizes companies to outsource jobs and does little for hard working Wisconsinites. Wikler, Sen. Ringhand, and Landmark all highlighted that Trump is now adding insult to injury with his chaotic trade with China, which is crushing farmers, manufacturers, and small businesses. 

See coverage of the event by clicking on the images below:

CBS 58 -- Wisconsin Democrats Discuss Impact of Trump's Trade War

WKOW interviews local cheese maker and small business owner Anna Landmark

WKOW -- Call out Trump on One Year Anniversary of Him Calling for Boycott of Harley

CBS 58: “Tariffs are making an already terrible situation so much worse for farmers and our business owners in the dairy industry,” said Anna Landmark, the co-owner and cheesemaker at Landmark Creamery...“Big picture [President Trump] needs to repair the trade relationships and that’s entirely on him.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Wisconsin Democrats highlighted the one-year anniversary of Trump suggesting on Twitter that people should boycott Milwaukee icon Harley-Davidson Inc. for shifting some production overseas. The motorcycle-maker attributed to the decision to a trade dispute with Europe. "Trump is hellbent on continuing down the road to economic chaos and ruin," said Ben Wikler, chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. "We can't afford another four years of his economic policies. He's walking us to the brink of an economic recession and if it comes — and when it comes — we know he won't be able to solve it."
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