ICYMI: Four Wisconsin Mayors Urge Passage of President Biden’s “Transformative” Build Back Better Agenda

Oct 30, 2021

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Saturday, October 30, 2021


ICYMI: Four Wisconsin Mayors Urge Passage of President Biden’s “Transformative” Build Back Better Agenda

Madison, Wis. — Yesterday, mayors from every corner of the Badger State joined the Democratic Party of Wisconsin to discuss how President Biden and Democrats in Congress are set to deliver historic investments in working families, small businesses, and local communities through the Build Back Better agenda. 

The mayors — including Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich, La Crosse Mayor Mitch Reynolds, Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway, and Wausau Mayor Katie Rosenberg — highlighted how Democrats’ wildly popular agenda will lower costs and cut taxes for working families, help people get back to work, grow the economy, and tackle the climate crisis head on.


Here’s what Wisconsinites from across the state are reading about President Biden’s “transformative” Build Back Better agenda:

CBS Madison: Group of Wisconsin mayors endorse Build Back Better program

  • “A group of Wisconsin mayors, including Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway, endorsed President Biden’s Build back Better program Friday. During a press conference, Rhodes-Conway said the program will help Madison with its housing issues.”
  • “‘Madison is experiencing an affordable housing crisis and in fact, a housing crisis across the board,’ Rhodes-Conway said. ‘We need to add 4000 units of housing today to have a healthy vacancy rate.’”
  • “The mayor also said the program would help improve the city’s stormwater management system.”

CBS Wausau: Wisconsin Mayors Endorse Build Back Better

  • “Wausau Mayor Katie Rosenberg is one of four Wisconsin mayors sharing how they believe the $1.75 trillion social policy plan will help their communities.
  • “Mayor Rosenberg says the framework and plan are “transformational.” The bill aims to support child care and early childhood education…
  • “‘We know that every child deserves the best start and this plan ensures that every 3- and 4-year-old has access to universal pre-K. A world-class economy begins with equitable access to high-quality care and education for our youngest constituents,’ said Mayor Rosenberg.”

From CBS Green Bay: “Four mayors from some of Wisconsin’s largest city’s [sic] spoke in a zoom news conference Friday in favor of the Build Back Better Plan. ‘I don’t think in my lifetime we’ve seen the federal government contemplate some of the improvements in the lives of working people,’ said Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich.”