ICYMI: National Energy Palpable Among Wisconsin Progressives, Ready to Win in 2018

Apr 24, 2017

Joining a chorus of stories across the country, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published a Sunday story highlighting activism across Wisconsin that has translated to a record-breaking fundraising and grassroots activism in support of Senator Tammy Baldwin’s re-election campaign.

Milwaukee Journal SentinelWisconsin Democrats see new energy, challenges 
By Jason Stein and Patrick Marley
April 22, 2017

MADISON – In the first three months of this year, Democratic U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin got money from twice as many new donors as she did in all of 2016 — more even than she did in her first full quarter as a Senate candidate in late 2011. She’s done it while decrying President Donald Trump and while meeting with new liberal groups that didn’t exist last fall when Democrats were dealt a bitter defeat by Trump and other Republicans.

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This story adds to a clear trend in Wisconsin and nationally: Democrats are ready to win in 2018.
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