Strong Jobs Numbers Show American Rescue Plan is Working – No Thanks to Republicans

Mar 04, 2022


March 4, 2022

Contact: Julia Hamelburg (julia.hamelburg@wisdems.org)

Strong Jobs Numbers Show American Rescue Plan is Working – No Thanks to Republicans

MADISON, Wis. – Today, the U.S. Department of Labor announced that an impressive 678,000 new jobs were added to our country’s economy last month, while the unemployment rate dropped from 4% to 3.8%. As we approach the one-year anniversary of Democrats’ American Rescue Plan, today’s job numbers are the latest sign that the measures President Biden and Democrats took to get Wisconsinites back to work and rebuild the middle class are working – no thanks to a single Republican in Congress. 

Here in Wisconsin, Governor Evers has worked tirelessly to implement Democrats’ American Rescue Plan and allocate funding to the communities and projects that need it the most. Thanks to his leadership and these federal funds, Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is historically low and the state has one of the highest labor force participation rates in the nation. As a share of federal aid the state has received, Wisconsin ranked second in the country for funds directed toward economic development and first in the nation in aid allocated to businesses.

In response to this strong jobs report, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Julia Hamelburg released the following statement:

“The American Rescue Plan spurred a historic economic recovery, got over 200 million Americans vaccinated, and is tackling supply chain issues. This recovery is thanks to Democrats in Congress, including Wisconsin’s own Representatives Kind, Moore, and Pocan delivering on their promises to build a better Wisconsin. The same cannot be said for a single Wisconsin Republican in Congress. 

“In voting against the ARP, Representatives Fitzgerald, Gallagher, Grothman, Steil, and Tiffany willfully opposed critical pandemic and economic relief to the families they’re supposed to represent. Their partisan opposition is unfortunately to be expected from a Wisconsin Republican Party that has made a habit of putting their own self-serving agenda above working families. This November, Democrats will make sure every Republican has to answer for their outright refusal to help lower costs and create a stronger economy for Wisconsinites.”