Johnson May Meet With Garland, But He Still Wants Trump's SCOTUS Nominee

May 10, 2016

Senator Johnson is finally meeting with Merrick Garland today (months after he first said he would), but he still stands firm in his opposition to Garlands nomination, believing that Donald Trump is the best person to nominate SCOTUS justices. Johnson has said time and time again that a vote on Merrick Garland is “not going to happen.” Instead, he wants voters to “move on” so that his pal Donald Trump can pick the next Supreme Court Justice.

Public pressure continues to mount on Johnson to consider the nomination. Poll after poll shows voters disagree with his obstructionism, and a recent WPR poll found that a clear majority of Wisconsinites want the Senate to consider the nomination. Yesterday, a Public Policy Polling survey found that, unlike Ron Johnson, most voters don’t trust Donald Trump to pick Supreme Court Justices.

“Ron Johnson’s meeting with Merrick Garland is just a ploy designed to distract from the fact that he refuses to do his job and actually consider Garland’s nomination. Poll after poll shows voters want the Senate to act, but Johnson is far more interested in the wishes of Donald Trump, than those of voters,” said Harry Hartfield, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.