Kevin Nicholson's Top Backer Is Bankrolling Roy Moore View Report Campaign

Nov 27, 2017

For Immediate Release
November 27, 2017
Contact: Brad Bainum,

Kevin Nicholson’s Top Backer Bankrolling Roy Moore

Illinois billionaire Dick Uihlein has given $100,000 in support of Moore — and over $15 million to 7 groups supporting Kevin Nicholson 

Nicholson’s campaign is currently running ads promoting his support from another prolific Roy Moore defender, Steve Bannon

MADISON — A new bombshell report from The Daily Beast reveals that out-of-state billionaire puppet Kevin Nicholson’s biggest backer, Illinois CEO Dick Uihlein, has similarly been secretly bankrolling Alabama Senate candidate and alleged serial sexual predator Roy Moore. 

A billionaire from Illinois, Uihlein has to-date deployed at least $15 million across 7 groups that have lined up to support Kevin Nicholson’s candidacy. Uihlein has invested over $3.5 million alone in Solutions for Wisconsin, a group solely dedicated to electing Nicholson.

Brad Bainum, Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson for the 2018 Senate race, issued the following statement on the latest high-profile Kevin Nicholson supporter backing Roy Moore:

“The same out-of-state billionaire who’s funneling money into alleged serial sexual predator Roy Moore’s candidacy in Alabama is also pouring millions into buying Kevin Nicholson a U.S. Senate seat here in Wisconsin. Wisconsinites should be concerned that Nicholson is in joint company with Roy Moore. And they should be worried that Kevin Nicholson is totally controlled by an out-of-state billionaire backer who’s only qualification for picking candidates to bankroll is that they promise to help him get rich at the expense of working families.

“We also now know why Kevin Nicholson waited so long to only half-heartedly distance himself from Roy Moore: it wasn’t just Nicholson’s out-of-state boss Steve Bannon pressuring him to support Moore — Nicholson’s top backer, Illinois CEO Dick Uihlein, is funding Moore’s candidacy, too.”