Kleefisch vs. Nicholson: The Enemy of My Enemy Is Not My Friend

May 17, 2022

Kleefisch vs. Nicholson: The Enemy of My Enemy Is Not My Friend

MADISON, Wis. –  Since Kevin Nicholson entered the GOP primary, Radical Rebecca and Job Killer Kevin have been in a race to the bottom, attacking each others’ records, dishing out insults, and accusing each other of being a part of the Madison machine (spoiler alert — both are deeply entrenched in establishment politics).

Kleefisch and Nicholson probably should spend more time focused on Governor Evers, but for a primary full of infighting and chaos, there’s no surprise there.

See what they are saying about each other:

Kevin Nicholson

  • “My primary opponent has actually called to ballot harvest herself, which again, is an illegal act, and I think was simply enabling the left to go out and do more of this going forward.” [WTMJ-AM, 2/17/22]

  • “I have a primary opponent in the gubernatorial race who’s out there talking about how she wants to surge the State Patrol into high crime areas. Well, guess what? There’s like 500 some of them around the state. Let’s be realistic here, right? Like let’s talk about this, talk turkey.” [Steve Scaf​​idi Show, WTMJ, 1/31/22]

  • “They’ve clearly endorsed my primary opponent. She’s all bought up in that Madison machine.” [Regular Joe Show, WTAQ, 2/16/22]

Rebecca Kleefisch

  • “They’re sitting over there on the other side of the political aisle cackling at what they hope will be a dumpster fire over in the Republican Party. And Kevin Nicholson does not care. He lights the matches and tosses them in because he hopes that is his only way inside.” [Feedback WSAU, 2/10/22]

  • “He won’t correct what he is saying. And he will continue to blatantly lie, and I’m done with it. Kevin Nicholson is an opportunist who has proven time and time again that he is willing to literally say or do anything, in order to become a part of the political establishment that he claims to hate so much.” [Feedback WSAU, 2/10/22]

  • “Now, that is something that I can get that Kevin Nicholson does not understand, because he is a shapeshifter. He was a member of the Democrat Party, literally stood on the stage of the DNC, before he decided that it was easier for him to be in power if he became a Republican. And then he shapeshifted again, praising Dr. Anthony Fauci. He is shapeshifting again, trying to attack me. But let me tell you, I am happy to have done that consulting work.” [Feedback WSAU, 2/10/22]

  • “None of the other people in this primary race are actually interested in state policy. You know, one guy, you know, couldn’t run for US Senate, and so this is his secondhand opportunity.” [Feedback WSAU, 3/18/22]

One thing is for sure – both candidates are too radical for Wisconsinites and are more interested in fighting than coming up with real solutions for voters.