Lates poll more bad news for Walker

Jun 20, 2018

DPW Statement in response to today’s Marquette University Law School Poll:

“Even with a large Republican sample, this poll confirms that Governor Walker is in serious trouble this November: Wisconsin voters are tired of Scott Walker’s eight years of misplaced priorities and ready for a change. Governor Walker averages only 47.1 against the ten Democratic candidates, despite the fact they have a current average name ID of 19 percent. Democratic support is only going to grow as they get better known, but Walker has clearly hit his ceiling.

“When it comes to the issues, voters are clearly aligned with Democrats and disapproving of Walker’s agenda. Voters are skeptical of his Foxconn deal, and they overwhelmingly say we need to invest more in our public schools. With clear opposition to Walker’s record and policies, it’s hard to see how he gets to 50 percent in November.” — TJ Helmstetter, spokesperson for 2018 governor race