Leah Vukmir: Tax Hike On 53% Of Americans "Good For Everybody"

Dec 19, 2017

For Immediate Release
December 19, 2017
Contact: Brad Bainum, bradb@wisdems.org 

Leah Vukmir: Tax Hike On 53% Of Americans “Good For Everybody” 

GOP tax plan increases taxes on 53% of Americans; sends 83% of cuts to the richest 1%; and spikes health care premiums by 10%

MADISON — Right-wing state senator and corporate shill Leah Vukmir today yet again proved she’s only looking for corporate special interests by enthusiastically endorsing the Republican tax plan.

Discussing the tax plan at a WisPolitics.com event today, Vukmir said she was “very happy” with the final result, adding that she sees it as “good for everybody” in Wisconsin. According to the Tax Policy Center, the GOP tax plan would:

  • Hike taxes on 53% of Americans; 
  • Gift the richest 1% of Americans 82.8% of the bill’s tax cuts; and,
  • Ensure that nearly 4-in-5 members of the richest 1% get a tax cut, even as most Americans are forced to pay more in taxes.

“State Senator Leah Vukmir has spent her career in Madison helping billionaires and corporate special interests get rich at the expense of Wisconsin working families, so it’s no surprise she’s cheering the passage of a tax plan that hikes taxes on more than half of Americans and spikes healthcare premiums, all to gift the richest 1% and corporations a big tax cut,” said Brad Bainum, Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson for the 2018 Senate race. “It’s laughable that Vukmir thinks that’s ‘good for everybody in Wisconsin,’ but it proves just how out of touch she is with working families.”