Leah Vukmir: Working To Gut Health Care Access

May 23, 2018

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Leah Vukmir: Working To Gut Health Care Access

On health care, the Republican Party of Wisconsin-endorsed U.S. Senate candidate backs plans to gut protections for Wisconsinites with preexisting conditions

MADISON — Who is Leah Vukmir?  Now that the ultraconservative state senator has picked up the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s endorsement to challenge U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin in November’s U.S. Senate election, it’s time to get to know Vukmir.

It’s no surprise that Vukmir won the Republican Party’s endorsement — she’s spent her career in Madison helping Gov. Scott Walker sell out hardworking Wisconsinites to enrich corporate special interests and big donors. Is it any surprise that the Republican Party of Wisconsin is now paying for radio ads promoting Vukmir and positively tying her to Walker and his legacy?

Leah Vukmir’s record is as extreme as it gets and the dangerous policy plans that Vukmir is running on would inflict real pain on Wisconsin’s working families.

Over the next week, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin will be profiling Leah Vukmir’s policy positions, beginning today with her position on health care:

Leah Vukmir: Working To Gut Health Care Access

Vukmir supports seriously unpopular TrumpCare health care plans that:  

Vukmir opposes Congress’ proposed bipartisan fix to stabilize health care markets and correct President Donald Trump’s health care sabotage that has premiums set to spike by 36 percent here in Wisconsin.

Vukmir supports GOP plans to cut Wisconsinites’ hard-earned Medicare and Social Security benefits, and even threaten seniors’ nursing home coverage.

Overall, Vukmir is pushing for increased Republican-led health care market sabotage — such as the GOP tax law’s individual mandate repeal, which has consumer costs set to spike by at least 20% here in Wisconsin.

And rest assured that Wisconsinites know who’s to blame for the increased premiums they’re set to face59% of Wisconsinites say they will blame Republicans, if they face rising health care costs.