Mike Gallagher Doubles-Down on Support for Donald Trump and Dangerous Foreign Policy

Oct 18, 2016

Given the chance to break with Donald Trump and rescind his endorsement in front of the voters during a primetime debate last night, Mike Gallagher doubled-down on his support for the Republican nominee. Despite voters’ deep concerns about Donald Trump’s temperament and behavior towards Women, Mike Gallagher refused to back away from the divisive candidate. 
Two weeks ago, a video surfaced showing Trump talking about using his celebrity to sexually assault women, bragging about sexually predatory behavior, and even detailing his exploits of kissing and groping women without consent.
Unfortunately, throughout his campaign Mike Gallagher has ignored the concerns that many in Northeast Wisconsin have expressed about Trump’s unacceptable behavior.  Not only has Gallagher said “we have to” support Donald Trump, but given the opportunity last night to join many of his GOP colleagues who have walked away from supporting Trump, Gallagher actually doubled down on his support. 
During the debate, Gallagher cited Trump’s stances on foreign policy as the reason for his support.  Trump’s record on foreign policy includes:
  • Openly stating that he knows more about ISIS than the generals.
  • Claiming that his main foreign policy advisor is himself because, “I have a very good brain.”
  • Saying “we need unpredictability” when it comes to nuclear weapons. He talks casually about actually using these weapons and says he sees no problem in letting more countries develop nuclear weapons, including Saudi Arabia.
  • Alarming closeness with the Kremlin, drawing concerns from fellow Republicans, foreign policy experts, and NATO leaders alike. Some experts have gone as far as to say that Putin is explicitly using Trump to further his agenda. 
Mike Gallagher can’t deny that Trump’s dangerous rhetoric and policy proposals are already having a harmful impact on our national security – and yet he continues to site Trump’s foreign policy plans as his reason for support. 
“After everything we’ve learned about Donald Trump’s dangerous policies and unacceptable behavior, it’s shocking that Mike Gallagher would continue his unwavering support,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesman Brandon Weathersby said on Tuesday. “Donald Trump’s foreign policy is dangerous and will only make America and the rest of the world less safe. In a desperate attempt to win an election, Mike Gallagher has put blind partisan loyalty before the people of the 8th Congressional District, and the future safety and prosperity of our country.”