New Koch Ad Highlights Vukmir's Support For Their ALEC Agenda

Aug 30, 2018

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Thursday, August 30, 2018
Contact: Brad Bainum,

Koch Ad Highlights Leah Vukmir’s Support For Their ALEC Agenda

You can’t make this up: the Koch brothers’ new ad praises Vukmir for backing their corporate special interest ALEC agenda.

MADISON — A new ad from the out-of-state billionaire Koch brothers confirms what Wisconsinites have known for years: Republican Senate candidate Leah Vukmir sold out Wisconsin years ago, as she’s worked to advance corporate special interests’ agenda as a national leader of Koch brothers-funded ALEC.

Here’s a screenshot from the Koch brothers’ latest anti-Tammy Baldwin TV attack ad:

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 10.19.24 AM.png

And here’s the news report that the Kochs are citing in the ad:


[Leah Vukmir is] for ending the state and local tax deduction, known as SALT.


Vukmir took that stance as a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council, the corporate-backed group that brings together conservative lawmakers from across the country.


Vukmir, a member of the group’s board of directors, was one among 140 lawmakers from 36 states to sign on to ALEC’s open letter to Congress calling for an elimination of the SALT deduction.

Eliminating the SALT deduction — which Vukmir called for, following ALEC’s priorities — could amount to be a tax hike on nearly 1 in 3 Wisconsin taxpayers. Hardly is that fighting “special interests.”
But credit where due: The billionaire Koch brothers aren’t afraid to admit that Leah Vukmir would be a Senator for them and their corporate special interest agenda cronies, not hardworking Wisconsinites.

Believe out-out-of-state billionaire like the Kochs when they say that Leah Vukmir isn’t on Wisconsin’s side.