New Report Shows What We Have Always Known: Scott Walker's Economy Isn't About Helping Everyday Wisconsinites

Jun 24, 2016

Senator Johnson will not let facts get in the way of his ultra-conservative talking points. This week, while visiting an Americans for Prosperity office – the Koch Brother’s backed network to which Senator Johnson has outsourced his campaign – Johnson said that “Social Security is — it’s a legal Ponzi scheme.” Johnson continues to insist in the preposterous claim despite the fact that PolitiFact called the same analogy “mostly false” last year.  

At the same event, Johnson reiterated his calls to privatize Social Security. Unlike average Wisconsinites, Johnson does not have to worry about retirement security after receiving a $10 million golden parachute from his former company. But even Senator Johnson recognizes that his plans are bad for middle and working class Wisconsinites, saying, “currently, politically, you can’t do it [privatize Social Security].