Kevin Nicholson Whined About GOP Endorsements Before Crawling Back Begging For One

Mar 30, 2022


April 19, 2022

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Kevin Nicholson Whined About GOP Endorsements Before Crawling Back Begging For One

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MADISON, Wis – After relentlessly claiming that he didn’t want the GOP’s endorsement ahead of the Republican gubernatorial primary, behind closed doors yesterday, Kevin Nicholson came crawling back to the party, saying that he wouldn’t mind if they put his name alongside Rebecca Kleefisch and Tim Ramthun.

Just like his run for Senate in 2018 though, Kevin Nicholson didn’t make a good impression. A Republican Party insider told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that “‘No vote was needed [to consider Kevin Nicholson for the ballot] […] He refused to provide the committee with evidence that he had met the metrics.’”

Kevin Nicholson has made it clear that the position of governor was a consolation prize when he couldn’t run for Senate. Kleefisch has called him a “shapeshifter” and accused him of being an “opportunist.” 

It does appear based on this revelation, that he is acting differently behind closed doors than he is in public. Here’s just a few choice words Kevin has used against the GOP:

  1. Following a call from the Republican Party of Wisconsin asking him to engage in the endorsement process, not only did Kevin Nicholson say “no,” he said, “I don’t think RPW should endorse any candidate before the August 9th primary, we should let the voters in the state of Wisconsin have their say.”
  2. In an interview with Regular Joe Show on WTAQ [9:40]: “[…] We have a Madison-based machine running the Republican Party of Wisconsin. They’ve been more or less responsible for losing 11 out of 12 statewide general elections in Wisconsin. […] I’ve already said you shouldn’t do, I don’t want the party’s endorsement before the primary. They shouldn’t even engage in it.”
  3. To Feedback on WSAU [13:37]: “They’re taking an unnecessary step to create a fraction that doesn’t, simply doesn’t have to happen. […] And again, I firmly believe that any hint of manipulation or insider-ism, at this moment is just the last thing in the world that we could use […].” 

On the Steve Scaffidi Show on WTMJ: “[] Yeah, I told Paul Farrow that the party endorsement process is corrupt. It is – it’s ridiculous, the Republican party endorsement process is an attempt on the part of insiders to get the tail to wag the dog in a primary electorate.”