On Primary Day, Wisconsin Democrats Encourage People to Vote

Feb 12, 2021

(MADISON) — Ahead of election day, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler issued this statement to encourage Wisconsin voters to go out and make their voices heard in the Spring primary:

Today’s Wisconsin spring primary is the first statewide election of the Biden presidency, and it’s fitting that it’s happening on the same day as Biden’s trip to Wisconsin for his first presidential visit. Democracy doesn’t happen once every four years. As today reminds us, it’s a year-round duty of citizenship.”

“As well as shaping local candidate fields in communities across the state, today’s election will determine the final two candidates running for State Superintendent of the Department of Public Instruction, the job previously held by Governor Evers. Every voter will make a difference. By voting today, we demonstrate our commitment to show up for every election. I encourage everyone to cast their ballots today before 7 pm and to take their friends and family to the polls so they can cast their ballot. Don’t let this election pass you by!”