One Week Without An Answer From Ron Johnson

Jun 19, 2015

Senator Johnson has been unable to give yes or no answer on Badger Pledge

On the campaign trail Senator Ron Johnson claims he’s going to “tell Wisconsin the truth,” but one week after Russ Feingold proposed the straightforward Badger Pledge Senator Johnson still hasn’t given Wisconsin a yes or no answer.

The Badger Pledge would keep out-of-state anonymous unlimited money from submerging Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate election. All it requires to take effect is Ron Johnson’s signature.

“Ron Johnson has had a week to consult the DC power brokers and billionaires he serves in the U.S. Senate about the Badger Pledge, now he owes Wisconsin a yes or no answer. The Badger Pledge is less than 500 words, it’s a proven solution to dark money in our elections and Ron Johnson should either sign it or come right out and tell Wisconsinites he believes the voices of billionaires and third party groups are more important than theirs,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning said Friday.

Russ Feingold proposed the Badger Pledge last Friday. Since then Ron Johnson has refused to give a yes or no answer to the pledge and attended a New York City fundraiser hosted by the CEO of a super PAC and billionaire donors.