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News | Apr 07, 2008

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Calls on McCain to Show Responsibility and Offer Plan for Iraq

Even as rockets exploded in the so-called “Green Zone” yesterday in Baghdad, John McCain chose to launch another round of irresponsible political attacks rather than offer a real plan for the future in Iraq. The attack came though a majority of Americans support troop withdrawal, and 89 percent of Americans think the cost of the war […]
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News | Apr 06, 2008

Hundreds of Wisconsin Democrats Turnout at County Caucuses

This Sunday, over 1600 Democrats participated in caucuses held in every county of Wisconsin. As part of delegate selection process, activists are vying for spots to represent Wisconsin at the Democratic National Convention.     “This weekend we saw stunning turnout at the county caucuses, far beyond past years,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Joe Wineke […]
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News | Mar 30, 2008

McCain Can Try to Reinvent Himself, But Wisconsinites Aren

This morning, John McCain launches his effort to reinvent himself for the general election with a week of speeches. After running as a so-called “maverick” and “outsider” in his failed 2000 campaign, John McCain cast aside his principles and morphed into a Bush Republican for this year’s primaries.   Now, after embracing the President’s budget-busting tax cuts […]
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News | Mar 26, 2008

Wisconsinites Want to Know: What

For the second day in a row, John McCain delivered what was billed as a “major policy speech” yesterday, but included no new policies, proposals or ideas.  After telling us what he would NOT do to address the mortgage crisis ravaging families and communities in Wisconsin and fix our struggling economy, McCain delivered a foreign policy […]
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News | Mar 25, 2008

John McCain Has No Plan to Help Wisconsin Families Hit By the Mortgage Crisis

On the same day one leading indicator showed home values dropping 11 percent in January compared to a year before, Republican nominee-in-waiting John McCain gave a speech yesterday addressing the housing crisis.  But failing to offer any new proposals to help families and communities struggling in the wake of the crisis, McCain’s speech fell far […]
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News | Mar 23, 2008

McCain "Debates" Confirm Wisconsinites Can't Trust John McCain

Fresh from the Senator’s campaign trip at taxpayer expense to Iraq and the Middle East, the first spirited exchange will focus on the war in Iraq, and feature not-to-be-missed questions about the threat of Saddam Hussein, the ease of success in Iraq, and true feelings about the Donald Rumsfeld strategy. The McCain vs. McCain debates […]
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News | Mar 18, 2008

Five Years Too Many in Iraq, John McCain Would Make it 100

Today is the fifth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war.   “Today marks the solemn anniversary of an ill-conceived and mismanaged war – one that has taken the lives of too many American soldiers and too many Iraqi citizens,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Joe Wineke said. “As of today, we’ve spent five […]
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News | Mar 13, 2008

John McCain Chooses Campaign Cash Over Wisconsin

Today on the campaign trail, John McCain promised to help law enforcement officials combat crime, help retrain displaced workers, and end the long lines at the Veterans Administration facilities. But as is so often the case with John McCain, his rhetoric doesn’t match his record.      Just last night when he had the opportunity to vote on […]
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News | Mar 12, 2008

DPW Chairman Joe Wineke Statement on Compassionate Care Bill

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Joe Wineke released the following statement today, after Governor Doyle signed the Compassionate Care Bill into law. “I’m very pleased to see the Compassionate Care Bill signed into law today. No woman should face inadequate health care after being raped, and Wisconsin hospitals will now provide crucial care to victims […]
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