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News | Apr 30, 2008

Wisconsin Activists Run to be Delegate to Democratic National Convention

After record Democratic primary turnout and packed county caucuses last month, Wisconsin  delegate selection is in full swing for the Democratic National  Convention. This Sunday, Democrats will hold caucuses in each  Congressional District (CD). Delegates voted on from the caucuses this  Sunday will attend the National Convention in Denver as CD Level Delegates. Wisconsin will […]
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News | Apr 27, 2008

New TV Ad Puts Focus on McCain's Promise to Keep Wisconsin's Troops in Iraq for 100 Years

Washington, DC-A new television ad focused on the fact John McCain would be “fine” keeping our troops in Iraq for 100 years will begin airing in Wisconsin and nationally this week, the Democratic National Committee announced this weekend. The ad features Senator McCain telling a town hall audience that despite the long war having cost our country […]
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News | Apr 24, 2008

Eight Reasons John Gard is Still too Extreme for Northeastern Wisconsin

John Gard missed the message in 2006. Voters rejected Gard because rather than standing up for change, he has made a career of guarding corporate interests and the powerful at the expense of the people of Wisconsin. Here are 8 reasons why John Gard is still too extreme for Northeastern Wisconsin.   1) Career politician John […]
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News | Apr 22, 2008

New TV Ad Highlights How Out of Touch John McCain is With Wisconsinites On the Economy

Washington, DC- A new television ad set to begin airing nationally this week highlights how out of touch John McCain is with the financial challenges confronting average Wisconsinites. The ad, the first general election advertisement of the 2008 presidential election, shows the Republican nominee claiming we are “better off” after eight years of disastrous Bush […]
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News | Apr 15, 2008

McCain Brings His Out of Touch Economic Policies to Wisconsin

After many shifts in rhetoric, John McCain gave yet another “major policy address” on the economy yesterday in Pittsburg. But as he brings his out of touch policies to Wisconsin today, it remains clear that John McCain does not understand the challenges facing working families in the state.   “In Wisconsin, over a half a […]
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News | Apr 07, 2008

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Calls on McCain to Show Responsibility and Offer Plan for Iraq

Even as rockets exploded in the so-called “Green Zone” yesterday in Baghdad, John McCain chose to launch another round of irresponsible political attacks rather than offer a real plan for the future in Iraq. The attack came though a majority of Americans support troop withdrawal, and 89 percent of Americans think the cost of the war […]
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News | Apr 06, 2008

Hundreds of Wisconsin Democrats Turnout at County Caucuses

This Sunday, over 1600 Democrats participated in caucuses held in every county of Wisconsin. As part of delegate selection process, activists are vying for spots to represent Wisconsin at the Democratic National Convention.     “This weekend we saw stunning turnout at the county caucuses, far beyond past years,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Joe Wineke […]
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News | Mar 30, 2008

McCain Can Try to Reinvent Himself, But Wisconsinites Aren

This morning, John McCain launches his effort to reinvent himself for the general election with a week of speeches. After running as a so-called “maverick” and “outsider” in his failed 2000 campaign, John McCain cast aside his principles and morphed into a Bush Republican for this year’s primaries.   Now, after embracing the President’s budget-busting tax cuts […]
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News | Mar 26, 2008

Wisconsinites Want to Know: What

For the second day in a row, John McCain delivered what was billed as a “major policy speech” yesterday, but included no new policies, proposals or ideas.  After telling us what he would NOT do to address the mortgage crisis ravaging families and communities in Wisconsin and fix our struggling economy, McCain delivered a foreign policy […]
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