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October 4, 2018
Contact: Alex Japko, [email protected]

Plane Problems: Walker Ducks Question about State Plane Use...Then Hops on State Plane

“News 18 asked him about when he used taxpayer money to fly from Appleton to Green Bay...he never commented about his trip by plane.”

Scott Walker’s use of the state plane is in the spotlight again. At a stop in Chippewa Falls yesterday, Walker was asked about Tony Evers’ livestream mocking his infamous plane ride between Appleton and Green Bay. As a surprise to no one, he lobbed some false attacks and ducked the question.
While Walker was in Chippewa Falls, News 18 asked him about when he used taxpayer money to fly from Appleton to Green Bay. Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes documented the same 24 mile trip on Facebook Live from their car Tuesday...he never commented about his trip by plane. 
What happened next? Wisconsin’s most notorious frequent flyer hopped back on the plane of course! Here's his flight path for the day:

As a reminder, Walker’s took 65% more flights than any governor in the top 10 most populous states. Since dropping out of the presidential race in 2015, he’s racked up a $934,000 bill on more than 950 taxpayer funded flights.
“If Scott Walker thinks he can hop in his getaway plane to run from tough questions, he’s got another thing coming,” said Alex Japko. “Wisconsinites are fed up with their governor wasting their tax dollars. They deserve an explanation about why their governor is jet setting around the state on their dime.”  
For a recap of Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes’ road trip mocking Walker, watch the highlight video released by the campaign here.

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