POLL: Wisconsinites Approve of Evers’ Steady Leadership and Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan, Are Fed Up With Ron Johnson

Aug 11, 2021


August 11, 2021

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POLL: Wisconsinites Approve of Evers’ Steady Leadership and Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan, Are Fed Up With Ron Johnson

53% of Voters Support Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan, 54% of Voters Approve Of Biden and Evers’ Pandemic Leadership

MADISON, Wis. — According to Marquette University Law School’s latest poll, the majority of Wisconsin voters approve of the job President Biden and Governor Evers are doing, while support for Senator Ron Johnson is sinking. Johnson’s favorability is down from Marquette’s last poll, showing he’s underwater with Wisconsinites.

Wisconsinites are clearly satisfied with Gov. Evers’ bipartisan leadership on the pandemic and on the state budget. Despite the Republican legislature’s partisan antics, Gov. Evers’ budget included a middle-class tax cut, an increase in broadband and infrastructure funding, and restored the state’s two-thirds funding commitment to public schools. As a result, Gov. Evers’ overall approval numbers remain steady at 50% approving, and his approvals on handling COVID-19 are up from October 2020 at 54% approving – a testament to his impressive vaccine rollout and quick distribution of federal pandemic funds to small businesses and hardworking families.

Republicans in Wisconsin are still refusing to work with the governor on expanding BadgerCare and improving racial equity and justice in the state – so it’s no wonder only 38% of Wisconsinites approve of the state legislature.

While Wisconsin voters don’t favor Ron Johnson, they do favor President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework – which Johnson voted against. In fact, 53% of Wisconsin voters support the infrastructure plan, which could invest $5.2 billion for federal-aid highway repair programs in Wisconsin, $225 million for bridge replacement and repairs over five years, and a minimum of $100 million for broadband expansion. A majority of Wisconsin voters also approve of President Biden’s leadership – specifically 54% approve of the president’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Nellie Sires released the following statement:

“Wisconsin voters recognize that when Democrats make promises, Democrats deliver — and that is reflected in today’s poll. Wisconsinites support President Biden and Governor Evers’ efforts to build back better, and are clearly tired of Washington politicians like Ron Johnson playing politics with their livelihoods. Under Democrats’ leadership, Wisconsin has been one of the top Great Lakes states for shots in arms, and small businesses and families have quickly received pandemic relief funds from the American Rescue Plan – despite attempted interference from legislative Republicans and zero Congressional Republicans voting for pandemic relief.

“Wisconsinites clearly want leaders that are here to serve their communities, not themselves, which is why Ron Johnson has seen Wisconsinites turning against him. From voting against middle class tax cuts and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal to pushing an anti-COVID vaccine agenda, Wisconsinites are tired of Ron Johnson’s self-serving DC antics.”