DPW Statement on 2004 Election Report

Feb 25, 2008

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Joe Wineke released the following statement today regarding the Milwaukee Police Department’s report on the 2004 elections:
“This report shows opportunity for improvements in the Milwaukee election system, many of which had been previously identified. Steps have taken to make real improvement in Milwaukee elections. Just last week, Milwaukee officials successfully oversaw a presidential primary election with record turnout – accurately and error-free.”

“But Republicans are still eager to turn any discussion of improving our elections into calls for dangerously restrictive voter ID legislation. We shouldn’t be surprised – they’ve been advocating for laws that would disenfranchise thousands of Wisconsin voters for years.”
“Thorough review of our elections is important, but the recommendations of this report would do nothing but disenfranchise thousands of voters across the state. We must never let political forces cast aside certain groups of voters in Wisconsin and endanger our citizens’ most basic right, under the guise of “reform.” 
“Instead, we must continue to pursue the common sense reform the Elections Commission has put into place since the 2004 elections.”