Kapanke Votes Again to Deny Critical Care for Rape Victims

Feb 27, 2008

Madison – For a third time, Dan Kapanke turned his back on rape victims in Wisconsin, voting against the Compassionate Care Bill. Senator Kapanke was one of only six senators to vote against the bi-partisan legislation.
“How can Senator Kapanke justify voting against such common sense legislation? We need to make sure rape victims get the best care possible. Apparently Dan Kapanke doesn’t agree,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Joe Wineke said.

This isn’t the first time Kapanke has stood in the way of critical care for rape victims. In 2007, he was again one of only 6 Senators to oppose the bill.  And in 2005, he even used his vote to ban the Senate from even taking a vote on the issue.
“Dan Kapanke has been nothing but extreme in his opposition to the Compassionate Care Bill,” Wineke said. “How can he justify voting against giving rape victims the critical care they need?”  
The bill would ensure that hospital emergency rooms conform to the American Medical Association’s standards of care – providing rape and incest victims with information about emergency contraception. It would also require hospitals and clinics to inform victims about all available evidence-gathering possibilities and their options to report the crime. Currently, two-thirds of Wisconsin hospitals do not meet this minimum standard.  
“For a third time, Dan Kapanke is showing his true colors. La Crosse deserves a new leader – one who will stand up for common sense values, not extreme ideology.”