Hundreds of Wisconsin Democrats Turnout at County Caucuses

Apr 06, 2008

This Sunday, over 1600 Democrats participated in caucuses held in every county of Wisconsin. As part of delegate selection process, activists are vying for spots to represent Wisconsin at the Democratic National Convention.  
“This weekend we saw stunning turnout at the county caucuses, far beyond past years,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Joe Wineke said. “In February, we had record Democratic turnout in Wisconsin’s primary – 1.1 million on the Democratic side to only 400,000 on the Republican side – and now, hundreds of activists participated in caucuses across the state, from Racine County to Douglas County. At every step, we’re seeing a strong, engaged Democratic Party.” 

“It’s clear that there’s incredible enthusiasm and support for our Democratic candidates in Wisconsin and a dissatisfaction with the lack of vision John McCain is offering. On the issues Wisconsin families care about most, McCain only offers a third Bush term.  That’s why Wisconsin voters will reject John McCain in November and elect a Democratic president to bring our country the change we need.”  
As part of delegate selection for the Democratic National Convention, the two-tiered caucus process will determine 48 congressional district level delegates. Wisconsin will send a total of 92 delegates to the National Convention in August. An additional 26 pledged delegate positions will be selected by the State Party’s Administrative Committee at their meeting at the state convention on June 13.  
Individuals elected at yesterday’s caucuses will serve as delegates to the Congressional District (CD) caucuses on May 4. Delegates to the CD caucus will make a final vote on who will be sent to the National Convention in Denver. Over the past weeks, the State Party has completed trainings across the state to ensure that anyone who wants to run for delegate has the opportunity and fully understands the caucus process.