New TV Ad Puts Focus on McCain's Promise to Keep Wisconsin's Troops in Iraq for 100 Years

Apr 27, 2008

Washington, DC-A new television ad focused on the fact John McCain would be “fine” keeping our troops in Iraq for 100 years will begin airing in Wisconsin and nationally this week, the Democratic National Committee announced this weekend. The ad features Senator McCain telling a town hall audience that despite the long war having cost our country $500 billion and 4,000 lives, staying in Iraq for 100 years “would be fine with me.”  The ad ends with the question all Wisconsinites must ask themselves when they go to the ballot box this November: “If all he offers is more of the same…is John McCain the right choice for America‘s future?”

Entitled “100,” the ad is the second major television ad of the general election and gives voters the chance to see and hear John McCain in his own words promoting a continuation of the Bush Administration’s open ended commitment in Iraq. In addition to airing in Wisconsin on cable, the ad will be used at organizing events across Wisconsin as the Democratic Party of Wisconsin moves field efforts forward.

To date, 87 Wisconsinites have died serving in Iraq. [http://icasualties.org/oif/USCasualtiesByState.aspx] While just 31 percent of Americans approve of President Bush’s handling of the war, McCain continues to be one of the most vocal supporters of the President’s failed strategy there, and has promised four more years of the same. With the fifth anniversary of Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” speech Thursday, the ad and McCain’s own words will remind voters of how wrong Bush and McCain have been on the war every step of the way. [Associated Press, 4/10/08]

“John McCain is wrong on Iraq, and is the wrong choice for Wisconsin‘s future,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Joe Wineke said. “The American people don’t want four more years of the same failed policy in Iraq that continues to cost Wisconsin taxpayers $12 billion a month, and that have led to the death of 87 Wisconsinites serving honorably in Iraq. Wisconsinites want new leadership to get our troops safely out of Iraq, and refocus on the real threats to America‘s security, including the still-at-large Osama Bin Laden and his Al Quaeda terrorist group.”

To view the ad click on the link below: