Local Democrats Elected as Democratic National Convention Delegates

May 04, 2008

This Sunday, 48 Wisconsinites were selected to attend the Democratic National Convention in Denver this August. From a high school senior to a college professor, from to a farmer to a small business owner, Wisconsin’s delegation so far represents a wide spectrum of the state’s citizens.  
Wisconsin will send a total of 92 delegates to the convention in Denver. Over a thousand Democrats participated in Sunday’s caucuses, vying for spots as Congressional District-level Delegates.
“We’re proud to have a wide range of Wisconsinites to represent our state at the National Convention – all of whom are ready to support our Democratic candidates and defeat John McCain this November,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Joe Wineke said. “Every step of the way there’s more excitement. From record primary turnout, to over 1600 activists at the county caucuses, to over a thousand at the CD caucuses, Wisconsin Democrats are turning out in droves to support our Democratic candidates. And it’s no wonder why – on the issues Wisconsin families care about most, McCain only offers a third Bush term.”

As part of delegate selection for the Democratic National Convention, the two-tiered caucus process determined 48 congressional district level delegates. An additional 26 pledged delegate positions will be selected by the State Party’s Administrative Committee at their meeting at the state convention on June 13.

For a full listing of CD Delegates selected, visit our website. For more information or to contact delegates in your area, please contact Rachel Strauch-Nelson at 608-260-2406.