John Gard Proves That He

Aug 17, 2008

Gard Has Taken Nearly $50,000 from Big Oil While Running
for Congress, Now Big Oil Is Dictating His Message

MADISON – With John Gard back to his same old tricks, allowing Big Oil to finance his campaign and dictate his message, it’s no wonder that Vice President Dick Cheney called him “exactly the type of person we need in WashingtonD.C.[Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/14/06] 

“Just like Bush and Cheney, John Gard is allowing Big Oil and other special interests to control his policy and manage his message,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Joe Wineke. “John Gard has taken nearly $50,000 from oil and gas companies while running for Congress and appears that the Big Oil money was well spent.” [Source: opensecrets.org, accessed 8/18/08] 

As Speaker of the State Assembly, John Gard voted against a bill to impose an excess profits tax on big oil companies and create an income tax credit for home heating costs. Gard also voted to raise the state gas tax on every Wisconsin driver. [Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/26/95] 

“If John Gard is so concerned about gas prices, why did he vote to raise the state gas tax and add to the burden on fuel costs for the citizens of Wisconsin?” asked Wineke. “The same old John Gard is putting the demands of the same old special interests ahead of the needs of Wisconsin citizens.” 

In addition to other distortions, John Gard continues to spread his lies about China drilling for natural gas and oil in collaboration with the Cuban government, within view of the Florida coast. Even Dick Cheney recently retracted a similar statement.  

The false comment is still being circulated in Gard’s messages and on his campaign Web site.
Source: gardforcongress.com, 6/04/08] 

Wisconsin voters rejected the failed leadership and out-of-touch agenda of John Gard the first time and they should reject his same old agenda that caters to Big Oil again in November,” Wineke said.