McCain Campaign Claims Ownership of the Word Lipstick, Continues Ridiculous Self-Parody

Sep 09, 2008

McCain Surrogate Darling Continues Transparent
Political Attacks with Outrageous Claim

MADISON — In the latest comedic twist to a line of attack that long ago jumped the shark, the McCain campaign today claimed ownership of the word “lipstick.” 

In comments at press conference organized by the McCain campaign aimed to further perpetuate its latest manufactured controversy, state Senator Alberta Darling asserted that Senator Obama’s use of the word “lipstick” was out of bounds since the McCain campaign won ownership of the word by using it at their convention.

“Right now we think that Sarah owns the name of lipstick because of what she said at the convention,” said Darling.

To listen to Darling’s outrageous assertion, click here and scroll to the 45-second mark:

“This is only the latest example of how silly and ridiculous the McCain campaign’s tactics have become,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Jessica Erickson. “Wisconsin voters don’t need phony outrage and the same old tired political tactics; they need someone who can bring our nation the change it so desperately needs. This election is too serious to continue wasting time with these comically transparent distractions.”

The McCain campaign’s unique interpretation of word ownership prompted questions about other words now owned by the respective parties.

“The Democrats spent a lot of time in Denver talking about the economy, the middle class, working people and Afghanistan, while the Republicans simply failed to talk about those key issues during their convention,” said Erickson. “Does this mean the McCain campaign is conceding that Barack Obama now owns those words and those issues?”