New Web Site Highlights John Gard

Sep 07, 2008

The Same Old Gard’ Web Site Proves Gard is Still Too
Extreme for the Voters of Northeast Wisconsin
MADISON – A new Web site titled “The Same Old Gard” has been launched to show the voters of northeast Wisconsin that John Gard is again running for Congress on his same old extreme record, with his same old unethical behavior, making him the same old career politician voters rejected in 2006.

To visit “The Same Old Gard”, click here: http://www.wisdems.org/gard.asp.

“John Gard is a career politician who has run lock-step with the Bush-Cheney Republicans for eight years now,” said Joe Wineke, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “He thinks his loyalty should be rewarded with a seat in Congress, but once the voters of northeast Wisconsin find out he he’s running on the same old extreme policies, with the same old unethical behavior, they will reject him once again.”

“The Same Old Gard” highlights John Gard’s career of extreme policies, his ties to special interests and Washington insiders, and his unethical behavior that cost Wisconsin taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.

During his time in the state Legislature, John Gard continuously voted against the best interests of Wisconsin residents. From voting to raise the gas tax on all Wisconsin drivers, to voting against the minimum wage, to voting to end federal funding of stem-cell research, Gard’s record shows that he stands with lobbyists and Washington insiders, not with the people of northeast Wisconsin.

While in office, Gard continually manipulated the system. Despite owning a home and living in Sun Prairie, just outside of Madison, Gard had no problem collecting the $88 per day gas stipend given to legislators who live outside of DaneCounty. By the end of 2005, Gard’s unethical behavior cost taxpayers $39,931.

Now he is running for Congress again and is still displaying the same old unethical behavior. John Gard says he wants to run a clean campaign, but he has already done nothing but attack. On top of that, he has been knowingly spreading lies about Chinese-Cuba oil drilling in his campaign ads and on his Web site, even after Dick Cheney retracted a similar claim.

To read more about “The Same Old Gard”, visit: http://www.wisdems.org/gard.asp.