Statement of DPW Chair Joe Wineke on Reports of New Misleading Republican Campaign Mailers

Sep 23, 2008

MADISON – In response to reports today that the Republican Party of Wisconsin is knowingly sending another round of misleading absentee ballot applications to a list of hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin voters, including Democrats, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Joe Wineke issued the following statement: 

“The first time the Republicans sent these misleading mailers, they said it was an honest mistake and now they’re trying to get away with using the same excuse a second time. Either the Republicans don’t care that they are misleading voters, or they are trying to confuse thousands of voters as part of their cynical strategy to suppress the vote and sway the election to John McCain in November.  

“On top of all this, the Republican hypocrisy continues to be astounding. The same day they are going to court to push a lawsuit demanding accurate voter lists, the GOP continues to concede that ‘no list is perfect.’”