Brett Davis Voted to Give Tax Breaks to Companies That Send Jobs Overseas

Oct 30, 2008

MADISON – Republican Brett Davis voted with his Republican Party leaders in Madison to send our tax dollars to companies that outsource jobs, even at a time when Wisconsin is losing jobs to overseas competition.(Source: AB 307)

“Rather than support a common sense bill that prohibited state funds from going to companies that outsource our jobs, Davis stood with his Republican bosses in support of outsourcing,” said Jim Smith, Executive Director of the Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee. “Wisconsin workers will not stand up for politicians who are unwilling to stand up for them.”    

“John Waelti understands that we can’t continue to keep rewarding Wall Street corporations that first take our money and then take our jobs. He will fight to keep jobs in Wisconsin and in America and he will reward responsible companies that make the right choices,” said Smith.

In the past four years, 11,226 voters in the 80th Assembly District have voted against Brett Davis twice. In both the 2006 and 2004 elections, 11,226 voters opposed Brett Davis because they understand that he is wrong on the issues that matter most to middle class families in Wisconsin.  11,226 voters also agree that Brett Davis refuses to stand up for American jobs.