College Democrats Ask Senator McCain the Tough Questions

Oct 05, 2008

Madison – In advance of Tuesday’s Town Hall Presidential debate, the College Democrats of Wisconsin have launched a new online web ad asking Senator John McCain the questions that college students want to hear answered.

“On Tuesday, Senator McCain is going to avoid answering the questions that matter most to young voters,” said Jason Rae, Chair of the College Democrats of Wisconsin. “We put this video together in order to ask Senator McCain the tough questions so that students can know what is really at stake in November.”

The web ad has college students from across Wisconsin asking for Senator McCain to answer questions about his opposition to bills increasing financial aid and providing equal pay to women, his lack of support for the new GI Bill, and his record of supporting President Bush’s failed policies.

“We hope students will watch this ad and realize that Senator McCain is wrong for our generation. We need leaders like Senators Obama and Biden — two people who understand our generation, who want to fight to make sure we have the financial aid available to pay for college and have good paying jobs available when we graduate,” said Rae.

The web ad can be viewed online at:

The College Democrats of Wisconsin (CDW) is the official youth arm of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. CDW has chapters at most two and four year universities across Wisconsin and works to involve young people in the party.