Gard vs. Low-Income Families

Oct 28, 2008

50 Reasons Voters Don’t Want the Same Old Gard

Reason #8 – Gard Blocked Minimum Wage Increases Four Different Times

John Gard voted against or blocked a raise in the state’s minimum wage four times in the state Assembly, even voting for a bill that prohibited municipalities from enacting minimum wage levels higher than the state minimum wage. (Sources: AB 1, 1989-1990 Regular Session; AB 1125, 2/9/94; SB 193, 6/15/99; SB 193, 10/26/99; AB 77, 4/12/05; AB 49, 1/27/05)

Reason #7 – Gard Voted Against ‘Home Heating Assistance’ for Low-Income Homeowners

John Gard voted against an amendment that would have increased funding to the “Home Heating Assistance Program” to help low-income homeowners pay for their heating bills. (Source: Assembly Bill 864, AA1, 1/26/06) 

Reason #6 – Gard Tried to Cut Child Care Funds For Low-Income Families

John Gard introduced a bill that would have significantly cut the available child care funds for at-risk or low-income families. Not surprisingly, the bill failed to pass through the state Assembly. (Source: Assembly Bill 259, 3/23/95; Assembly Bill 259, 4/3/96)

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